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Brasserie of Bocq

Description of the activity

A magnificent traditional brewery founded long ago by the Belot family and which has since devoted all its art to brewing beer. (Gauloise Brune, Blanche de Namur, Appelbocq and Redbocq, Saison Regal, Saint-Benoît, Triple Moine, etc.).

It is one of the few remaining 100% family-owned breweries.

Specialising in the production of highly fermented beers with bottle fermentation, this dynamic business invites you to a guided tour of its facilities to discover the manufacturing process.

At the end of the visit, each visitor receives a free beer.

Guided tour (Fr/Nl/ Eng)
Visit lasts: 40 minutes

Times - Prices

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Information - Bookings

4 rue de la Brasserie
Tel.: 082 61 07 80
Fax: 082 61 17 80
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