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The village grew up in a meander of the Meuse, on a gentle slope on the right bank opposite the steeper slope of the "Panorama des 7 Meuses".

The site is particularly interesting due to the remarkable cluster on the banks of the river comprised of the church, castle and a large farm - The Old Farm, church and Priory.

The layout of the rest of the village, built in limestone, sandstone and brick, is structured by the railway
running through the middle of it, and the recent linear developments of the UCL clinics.
Above the locality stand the imposing concrete masses of the Collège Saint-Paul.

History and Heritage

The old Godinne estate used to include the Hill and the River.
Later on there was a division:
Florent de Waha inherited the right bank, and Vincent d’Harscamp the left bank.
Since then, Mont and Godinne have joined their destinies to that of Yvoir.