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Spontin spring (Spontin)

the Spontin springs are called Duchesse, Presbytère and Clairchant. They have been renowned for their healing powers since the most ancient times. They received official status in 1922, with the founding of the "Compagnie Générale des Eaux Minérales et Gazeuses". In 1980, the year in which it was founded, Spontin s.a. became part of the Spadel group. Two springs are now renowned for their bottled waters: Duchesse and Clairchant.

  "Duchesse" water was already enjoyed during Napoleon's reign and has an acclaimed calcium bicarbonate content. It has a low mineral and sodium content.

   "Clairchant" has been recognised since 1988 and is entitled to the "suitable for the preparation of baby meals" classification, awarded by the Higher Health Council. It has a perfect balance between its calcium and magnesium content and is very pure.

"Spontin Syrups" do not have any artificial colourings or preservatives. They are made using pure fruit juices. Spontin also distributes 3 naturally refreshing drinks which are favourites with children. These consist of sodas with lemon, orange and fruit extracts.

In 1939, the two springs were recognised as mineral waters by the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium.