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Remarkable trees

Yvoir has many listed trees, including:

The 'chêne à l’image' oak (Godinne)

on a favourite walk in the Godinne woods. An age-old oak tree with swollen bark can be seen, with a postcard and the statue of the Virgin Mary hanging on it. The swellings on the bark were caused by cuts made by pilgrims. They would lift up the bark and place a holy picture on the wood before replacing the bark. A large number of nails can still be seen on the trunk where the pilgrims hung their medals and rosaries.

The lime tree at Aminthe forge (Yvoir)

in the grounds of the Aminthe forges, the ironsmiths almost always planted a lime tree. This one, close to Aminthe forge, has holy connotations: here in 1861, the bishop of Namur consecrated a shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary. A niche is still attached to the tree trunk.

A map of remarkable trees and hedges can be consulted on the following site: